SBODIO32 / Sense Me 

4 - 9 APRIL 2017

Artist Statement // Screened Bodies //

.What if the instant flash of your private fantasies became the site of public arousal? Perhaps they already have. No, this is not the forced economy of the sex trade but the possibility of libidinal distribution of transposed elsewheres. Does the faceless proposition free us of narcissism or relocate and transpose it?

Does it free us from the technologized assembly line to the plethora of the libidinal extase of multiplicity? Can the zone of the faceless take us from a place where  erasure is re-performed by the affect of technology in sync with libidinal rhythms, where sound and feel touches the screened body. How does the fleshed ‘feel’ meet the zone of computerized technology? Is there such a thing as the private? Is the screened appeal of the body gendered and sexual? To what extent is the sexualized revolution televised?

Printed on aluminium plates, photos of sexted bodies become the artwork. Coated with the painterly vibrations of a smart phone dabbed in social media’s iconic colours. The public will have the chance to engage with the show by interactively expressing their digital public display of affection. 

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