Immersive . Collective . Experience

A Co-curated exhibition in collaboration with Ameera Kawash

4 July - 9 September 2017

This innovative group show investigates eroticism through technology and art. The six participating artists engage the senses through painting, digital collage, sound design, kinetic sculptures and other art forms. By creating an immersive experience for the senses, these artists explore the potential of pleasure in extending the realm of the self, into the space of the ‘other’, both in classically sexual as well as inorganic and autoerotic terms. ‘Purotica’ showcases the work of young, millennial artists exploring an individualistic concept of eroticism as an intimate conversation or form of self-expression that counters the more generic position of the erotic consumer as a self-indulgent and problematically gendered member of modern society.

-Ameera Kawash

Participating Artists

Maria Kassab

Orestis Zafereiou

Ameera Kawash

Pau Marinello

Noor Haydar

Dana Farran

Photography by Marta Bogdanska

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