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A multidisciplinary visual artist and independent art curator, she lives and works in Beirut. She received a degree in graphic art with an emphasis in motion graphics. Developing her career in advertising as a digital art director, Haydar proceeded to to train in museum and gallery curatorial studies at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, all the while maintaining her practice as a conceptual visual artist. Haydar is inspired by her immediate surroundings, exploring the socio-sexual behavior of gender and its influence on and in communities.

Curatorial and Creative Profession

The Grand Sofar Hotel (Sep - Oct 2018)
Art Curator & Creative Director

Sofar, Lebanon

A solo curated exhibition of paintings by British artist Tom Young in an abandoned hotel and the first casino in the Middle East. Opening its doors to the public for the first time since it’s closure in 1975 and welcomed an estimated 12,000 visitors during the exhibiting month.

Actualised an art program and on site residencies that consisted of musicians, performing artists, storytellers and sound and visual artists that performed on several occasions during the exhibiting month following the theme of memory, identity and national heritage.

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Artspace Hamra (Jul 2016 - Jan 2018)

Gallery Manager and Visual Creative Director

Beirut, Lebanon

Managed a diverse group of more than 26 artists, hosted twelve exhibitions and two consecutive years at the Beirut Art Fair.

Maintained the gallery which includes storage facilities, cataloguing, inventory, shipment, object handling, condition report checks, packing supervision and overseeing sales and accounts.

Worked closely with the Director of the gallery and the assistants.

Liaised  between the artists and the lead curator.

Co-Curated and participated in a contemporary multimedia art exhibition. A group show of five artists. I was in charge of the visual language of the show, the selection of artists, the curation of the artwork and curatorial tours.  

Organised lectures and events such artist development and self promotion workshops, improvised theatre performance and musical events.

Responsible for all design and promotional material from conception to post production

Rose House  (Nov 2014 - Jan 2015)

Independent Art Curator

Beirut, Lebanon

A pop-up art exhibition of painting and sculpture installations in an abandoned 19th Century mansion.

Co-curated a site specific exhibition to shed awareness on the declining heritage sites in Lebanon due to urbanisation.

Designed the catalogue and promotional material.

Managed the exhibition that included the private and public opening and supervising assistants and guides throughout the show.

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Republique (Feb 2016 - Jun 2016)

Senior Digital Art Director

Beirut, Lebanon

A one-on-one client base.

Website, app and corporate identity design.

Coordination with team of designers, developers and technologists.

Loose Ends (Oct 2015)

Artist and Curator

Beirut, Lebanon

A solo curatorial and participatory art exhibition of painting, sculpture, video projection and installation.

Student art workshops and performance art during the exhibition.

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J. Walter Thompson (June 2013 - May 2015)

Digital Art Director

Beirut, Lebanon

Digital Art Director in the creative department handling Saudi Arabia based clients such as STC, HSBC, L’azurde, Shell, etc.  Designed websites, apps, social media and advertising campaigns, online and on ground activations.

Channel Design (May 2008 - June 2011)

Senior Graphic Designer

Beirut, lebanon

One-on-one client relationship

Designed websites, corporate identities and advertising campaigns such as Presidential campaign for Omar Bongo of Gabon and Riviera Hotel Beach Lounge.

Art  Workshops

Beit Boustany (2017)

Art workshop with UNCHR refugee children based in Lebanon.

Tyre Art Jam (2015)

volunteer assistant to a stop motion animation of painting on Lebanese Heritage

SOS orphanage (2013)

volunteer assistant to an art therapy workshop

Beirut Art Centre (2012)

volunteer assistant to Sculptor Mark Jenkins, White Wall exhibition


American University Program in rural environments
 mural art workshop with students on biodiversity

Broumana Highschool

Art workshop and discussion with students during Loose Ends exhibition


Sotheby’s Institute of Art (Jan 18 – May 18)

Art Museums, Galleries & Curating

Awarded a diploma in academic focuses: Histories and practice of museums and galleries primarily in the UK.

An intensive course in curatorial practices in class and on site.

Critical writing skills (essays, object labels, wall text, research, observation)

Historical hangs and contemporary treatment of curation. The different aspect of museum practice and team roles which included the learning program, the art program, design, loans, registrars,  etc.

Conceptualised an exhibition under the theme of Hiddonism - The Pleasure of the Pursuit

Built a 3D architectural maquette

2D simulations of the artwork on site

Curated the placement of artworks

Worked closely with a team

Used design skills to market the exhibition and create on ground activations to engage the public

Lebanese American University  (July 2007)

Bachelor’s Degree  in Graphic Design

Emphasis in motion graphics

*references are available upon request.

Nationality: Lebanese

Date of Birth: 09/13/1984

Personal statement

Exploring the blurred boundaries between desirability and repulsion, fantasy and reality, is a common thread throughout my subjects. I am interested in exploring identity as an amoebae of Western and Eastern cultures effecting gender and societal roles in contemporary times. 

Artist Resume

A multidisciplinary Lebanese artist.

Studied Graphic Art at the Lebanese American University.

Group Exhibitions: 

Arthaus, Mar Mikhail- 'In Residence' (Beirut, Lebanon)

Beirut Art Fair - 'Classical to Kitch' (Beirut, Lebanon, 2017)

Artspace Hamra - 'Purotica' (Beirut, Lebanon, 2017)

Milan Design Week - SBODIO32 - Sense Me (Milan, Italy, 2017)

MACAM (Alita, Lebanon, 2015)

The Rose House (Beirut, Lebanon, 2014-15)

Slab A (Beirut, Lebanon, 2014).

The Chelsea Arts Club in London (London, UK, 2012)

Beirut Art Jam - Live 24 hour painting performance (Beirut, Lebanon, 2011)

Solo Exhibitions:

The Absent Present (Minus1 - Beirut, Lebanon, 2016). 

Loose Ends  (Station - Beirut, Lebanon, 2015).

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